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We are proud to have clear pathways.

The only proven squad of its kind in the middle east. Our First Team will be a team solely focused on achieving scholarships to the USA and Canada. Everything from technical, tactic football preparation, to NCAA Eligibility and SAT Prep, we have you covered.

Squad spaces available: 11/20

elite development squad

Preparation is key and it's never too early to start.


This squad will demand the same levels of seriousness and professionalism as the First Team. However, this team will consist mostly of U18 players, coaching them with our club philosophy of playing in challenging environments and bridging the gap to the men's game. We strongly believe if you're good enough, you're old enough.

Squad spaces available: 12/20


Our U18s team play in the same league as the EDS.

This team is part of the pathway to the EDS and to the First Team. It is an opportunity for some of our younger senior players to play high-quality football.  This team focuses on rapid technical development and tactical improvements.

Squad spaces available: 11/20

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