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OUR 2020/21 SQUADS


What do we look for in a Gulf United Player at this age group?

A Gulf United player will already have the key fundamental technical skills. We will continue improving the technical skillsets of our players, whilst focusing on the tactical and physical elements of the game that will be essential when they are ready to join the senior squads. 


This squad is at a key developmental age. This is the age group where Gulf United players improve dramatically if they show the right attitude. Training habits formed at this age tend to foreshadow the rest of their footballing career.  Focus will be on developing key technical skillsets and creating an awareness of the ways to effect of game off the ball as well as on. 


At this stage of development, a Gulf United player will begin to learn how their actions affect the game as a whole. They will start to understand the importance of decision making in football, and that every match is full of thousands of individual decisions. They will become more tactically aware as well as constant technical improvement. 

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